Me and some Lowely fashbacks from Egypt👑

Photo and collage by Johanna Törnqvist   ®. When we visit Egypt! That was a time! Or maybe 3 Times. I Adore Egypt💚

All right @ 

Nity Nighty World💑💋👘👒

Photo and Copyright @hannahsthlm  Memos fr.o.m. Lovely Asia🌎 Sleep Well! Lowe J xoxo 

Selfie From Past W/ Ödlan Örjan...

Collage and Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist
When We Lived In Thailand We Had Small Animals On Our Balcony Every Day And Nite.
We Tried To Get Ödlan ..Örjan?.. In The"Selfie- Pic" But He Climbed Away..Damn!
Maybe He Was Shy For The Camera Blixtz?! But A REALLY Cute" Ödla"...
Ödla Is A Swedish Word..But Maybe You Can See Witch Kind Of  Animal I Mean From The Pic?!
Ps. Ödlan Örjan Is In The Middle Ds.


Nice With Spring Soon!
I Adore Sunglasses.. ADORE!!!
Have One LOvely Model From MARC JACOBS And One " Very Big Model" From DIOR. Need New Glass On Them Badly! Sad.
You Can Hide Half Ur Face With Them! Perfect For Johanna In The Sun!
Also Need A New Par For Summer 2015 ( tradition every year)To Switch With When The Storm And Sun Sets In!
Im Very Picky With Just Sunglasses. They Must Protect You From Dangerous UVA/UVB etc.And Fit Your Face.
Do You Have And Fav Or Tips? Tell Me!
Rayban Is Cool On Some Boys And Men....A Little TOPGUN -Feeling!
Elliott Wanna Have A Par Of  "MANLY SUNGLASSES" For Summer 2015.
But I Love His Pink And Blue...Sooo Cool.
Happy Wednesday All!
Take Care Out There!

Witch Magazine Do U Wish From Santa X-mas 2014?

Photo in Paris by Johanna Törnqvist ( Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist)
I These Days Maybe Too Many Choices  Can Be A Hugh Probleme For Some People.
In X.mas Shopping For An Example When You Wanna Have All Toys On Harrods or All Brands @ La Fayette....What Do You Do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!
Do You Sit Down For One Or Two Minutes With A Soda And Think ... Or Do You Go For Everthing You See?
Money Can Be A Problem In X-mas Time ,We All KNOW That ! It is A "klassisker" As We Say In Sweden.
Another Classic Thing In X-Mas.-Time ,,, "Can YOU Really WALK In "Moonboots"?!
Some People Can , Some  People Can Not!  My Tipz! Just Relax! We R All Different!
It Is A "Normal Part" Of Common Peoples Life That Big Boots Can Be A " Little Miss Trubble"  When You Run In Snow....
So If I Had One Wish For Santa This Year. If I Had To Pick ONE MAGAZINE ( Only One) From My Photo...I Had Pick The Magazine Nr 5,6,9,10...Relax..IT IS THE SAME MAG!
Anyone Else Been Reading Philopsophie Lately?
Maybe Sometime For Lazy Days On The Afterski In Maribel Or Charmonix This Winter?
My Best Tips For You-Mix The Philosophie Magazine W/ Some Short Classic Ugg In Black And A Fluffy Grey/Brown Russian Hat And A Great Smile.
You Will Be Both Intelligent And Warm In The Snow!  I Hope!Voila!
Happy Nite!


Photo and Copyright by Johanna Törnqvist ( Photo Of Johanna Törnqvist)
I Really Love Paris. It Is Always Art You Never Had Imagine In Your Dreams.
Jag älskar Paris. Det är alltid vardags-konst som  du kan uppskatta.
Konst du kanske  aldrig tänkt på existerat?!
( Jag kan inte hitta jeadore tangenten,.den här "lilla livsviktiga pluppen "som förändrar ord,men J ADORE PARIS)

Just A Little Bit Champs Elysees Street Style @ Paris

This Is Elliott
 This Is Johanna Wearing :Mulberry Picadilly Shirt  and Leggings by H&M, Tee W / Paljett Tiger (?) Sunglasses Black Mrac Jacobs (Model ?)
Photo and Cipyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Just A Little Paris Street Style!

Petite Braclet @ Champs Elysees

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Check Ellliotts "braclet" we found in a petite store on Champs Elysees.
Just the blue and the white.  Matching his adorable Chelsea Tee!
 Litttle  Elliott has a  nice "Band-Braclet-Collection" now on the right arm .....
From different places this summer!
Fun To Collect  AND You Can Swin w/ Them Too!
Happy Friday!

The Last From Johanna Et Elliott @ Du Louvre! Volia!

E:- Titta mamma! Mona Lisa! Är det den riktiga tavlan nu då? Moi: -Jaaaa..(.ellerhur Leorardo Da Vinci? :)
Johanna Et Tuthankamon ( sorry if i spell your namn wrong, i adore you!)
Anrika Louvren. ( Där skulle man bo högst upp med en liten fransk balkong!
Elliott i Louvrens vackra "entree piassa". Tres Bien!
Gud utan nos..vacker och klok. (någon gud som ser mycket rar ut)
Elliott Et " A Fanclub" Outside Du Louvre...Wonder ...Looking For What? :)
Johanna and The Favourite! You Dont Need Arms And Head To Have A Good Soul! :) Que?
(All Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist)

Wonderful Day @ Du Louvre. Both Me And Elliott Was So Tired After The Visit. 
Soo Much History , Walking, (Photographing..)Reading etc. In A Short Time REALLY Can Take Your Breath Away!
In My BlogPost Before This You Can Reed About What Me And Elliott Did After " Du Louvre" (
 Late At Nite We  Just Call Roomservice Insted Of Going Out For Dinner.
Me And Elliott Was Soo Happy And Tired After The Fun Sun- Day! Kids Need To Sleep!
 Me Adore You E! Xoxo
( PS. Striktly Forbidden To Copy Any Photos From Du Louvre!  All  Copyright  @Johanna Törnqvist.
Some Tags Is Diffucult To Change Afterwards. I Hope You As A Reader Can Live w/ That Some Tags In This Blogpost Can Be Wrong! I Will Be Better @ Tags! I Work On It! Promise!  DS)

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