Me and some Lowely fashbacks from Egypt👑

Photo and collage by Johanna Törnqvist   ®. When we visit Egypt! That was a time! Or maybe 3 Times. I Adore Egypt💚

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Nity Nighty World💑💋👘👒

Photo and Copyright @hannahsthlm  Memos fr.o.m. Lovely Asia🌎 Sleep Well! Lowe J xoxo 
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Selfie From Past W/ Ödlan Örjan...

Collage and Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist
When We Lived In Thailand We Had Small Animals On Our Balcony Every Day And Nite.
We Tried To Get Ödlan ..Örjan?.. In The"Selfie- Pic" But He Climbed Away..Damn!
Maybe He Was Shy For The Camera Blixtz?! But A REALLY Cute" Ödla"...
Ödla Is A Swedish Word..But Maybe You Can See Witch Kind Of  Animal I Mean From The Pic?!
Ps. Ödlan Örjan Is In The Middle Ds.
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