Pics By Stockholm

Stockholm Pics by Johanna Törnqvist.
Copy And Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist

Happy T-day! XoXo

My Own Little Soccer Star W/ New Dress

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Today Elliott Got A New Dress From The Adidas Store In Stockholm. His Soccer Name Is From. Now ELLIOTT.JR  No 8.  I Have Never Seen Any Cuter Or Happier Little Soccer Kid! You Rock ELLIOTT JR!
Watch Your Back ! It Looks Fab! :)
Idag fick Elliott en ny "soccer-dress"= "fotbolls-set" från Adidas Store i Stockholm City. Elliotts har valt att from. nu heta ELLIOTT JR no 8, Jag har aldrig sett något sötare och gladare "Little boll-kid" Du rockar och shockar fett på planen och utanför ELLIOTT JR!   XoXo
Pink And Blue From Adidas For Kids. This Set Makes A Tired Mum Happy AnyTime...Try It!
Photo And Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist

Styling Pics Moi Backward- Makeup And Hair By J P Barda!

En Sveriges Bästa Stylister JP Barda. Modell Johanna Törnqvist
(Photo and Copyright by Johanna Törnqvist)

This Looking 4 U w/ Justin Is Veeeery Good!

This Looking 4 U w/ Justin Bieber Is Quite Happy and Dancing!
( Looking For You ,Justin Bieber feat. Mingos)
Had Some Problem w/ My Accont Here Yeserday  And Was Listening To Music Insted of "get rage". Now MOI Fix It!
Have A Nice Friday Everyone And Be Kind And Take Care!
( Listen To Music Insted Of GET RAGE...Everything Will Be Ok)

Troy Have Special Habbits!

Sometimes You Dont Understand How Fun And Special It Is To Have A Puppy.
Sometimes You Really Do
My Little Troy Is A Very Social One And" One In A Million".
 A Puppy Need  Time  With You And If You Dont Have  Time For Love, Small-Talks, Rutins etc. The First Year- It Can Be A Ruff One.
Young Dogs Like To Play And Mess Around w/ EEEVERYHING. You Have To Learn Them Everyday To Do Right Insted Of Wrong. It Can Be Hard Someimes , But You Have To Try Everyday. Try Try Try!
The Best Thing Is To Learn A Small Dog To " Sit-Down" And " Walk Out"- Right From The Start.
 Troy Is Still A "Wild-Heart"! He Like To Mess w/ Me Sometimes!
  My Hair, My Magz, My Makeup-Box, My Shoes AND My  Fluffy Socks Are " In Danger"!Underwear Is Fun ! Take And Hide!. But It Is Not Soo Fun For You If You Cant Find Them Where You Latest Left Them!
It Can Be Sad To Buy Stuff Back If Your Little Dog Plays Too Ruff w/ Your Stuff!
You Have To Learn To Lock The Door To Your Bedroom Or Walk-In For Your Own Peace. If You Go Out For A Dinner Or To Work You Have To Check Everything Before So The Little One Not Get "Rage" If You Go.
I  Take Troy w/ Me Or Have" Baby-sitter" To Him Most Of The Time To Avoid Problems.
Troy Is Afraid Of Boats And He Dont Like " Blinky-Cars" Who Sounds High Like The Ice-Cream-Van. He Loves To Go On Holiday But Often They Dont Allow You To Have Dogs Around Pools Or Beaches.
Troy Adore Fluffy Pillows,Hotel, And Someimes He Catch One Eye On The TV Or Relax On The Floor.
Troy Is Human- But A Fluffy! One :)
Photo and Copyright by Johanna Törnqvist

Crew Cardinal Feat Kodie Forever Young

Hailing from Bonn in Germany, Crew Cardinal are two young producers who created a sound of their own by mixing well known elements with outrageous ideas. With official remixes for artists like Cascada & R.I.O., being in the Beatport Electro Top 40, appearing on compilations courtesy of Kontor Records & Clubland and their massive hit singles “Teardrops” & “Sending You Out Of Space”, they have gained recognition in many countries all over the world.  


Their new single “Forever Young” is a collaboration with Swedish pop-artist Kodie, who entered the international music scene with his debut single “All Night Long” which climbed charts in many territories from Russia to Latin America. “Forever Young” is a peaktimer you shouldn’t miss!


Good Luck Crew Cardinal And Kodie! XoXo


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