Happy Halloween! Have A Nice And Scary Weekend!

Happy Halloween Weekend! Hugs Johanna xoxo

Today I Feel Like A Yellow Teletubbie!

Photo and Copyright And So One By Johanna Törnqvist
Wow!This Morning Me Feel LIke A Yellow Teletubbie! It Will Be A Fun Day Whatever!

Have A Nice Weekend!

This Was The Cutest I Found Today!  What Do You Think? Lets Hear The Grooove! :)

Happy Friday!

Photo and Copyright by Johanna Törnqvist
Ha en underbar fredag! Dansa till kulig musik, dricka champagne eller bubbeldricka i massor? Shoppa söta detajer som örhängen eller mössor från MJ Kanske? Kolla på Idol? Vem vet? Happy Friday! xoxo

My Own Cute Distroyer!

Photo and Copyright By Johanna Törnqvist
This Is My Wonderful Dog Troy And His " Sis". They Are Adorable,Fun. Charming. Fluffy. Happy. And Sometimes "CuteDistroyers". I Can Olny Speak For My Puppy. Troy Wanna Be Everywhere. All The Time. All Time In All Hours. It Is FUN... But Today I Called Troy For " Cute Distroyer", He Eats Toilett Paper And Will Not Taste Lamm Or Biff. He Only Eats  Lax...And Sometimes...Chicken! Thats Troy!
  He Is Soo Social And Charming So Everyone Except Moi Thinks He Can Eat Lax.. All The Time!
You Have To Set Limits For Puppies Everyday. They Will Always Be Some Kind  Of Cute Distroyers, If You Let Them Play All Day...Your Shoes Is Not Toys etc....;)
Happy Day w/Love Xoxo

This Shirt Was Different

I Liked This Little One!  What A Kind Of A Popcorn? :)xoxo


Photo and Copyright by Johanna Törnqvist
Förra veckan fyllde TROY 1 ÅR. Vår lilla hundvalp. Tiden går för snabbt. Han fick en fin present från ett cafe och lite bollar och godsaker av oss övriga! WE LOVE U TROY!
Elliott and Troy! Photo and Copyright by Johanna Törnqvist
Johanna And Troy

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