Throwback Sunday - SneakPeak G-Star Raw

Photo and collage @ Johanna Törnqvist
Tänk vad tiden går. Det här var en riktigt spännande Pressvisning @ G-Star Raw S/S 2010.
Lägger in den på ny " Throwback Sunday" här! Vad kul! Vi kan gå tillbaka varje söndag! :)
Happy Nite! xoxo

Elliott Like Alex...Me Like Alex...Me LIke..Photo..E Like Me Not...

Photo by Johanna Törnqvist
My Elliott Find Me Soo...LoL...When I" Photo-Chaching"Alex In Rackartygarna...But  Think It Was Oki w/ Alex!?
Elliott Was First w/ His Mobile And MOI After...It Was A Nite!... But Nice Pic Of ...Us...Then? :)
Happy Friday People! xoxo

A Look U Can Try-Make Up Your Day!

Photo Model MakeUp- Look @ Johanna Törnqvist
This Is A Look You Easy Can Try On Weekdays.
If You Have Shiny Skin You Can "Piff" Isadora Transparent Powder Over Before You Go.
. In Some Store The Black/Brown Feline Black From Helena Rubinstein Is "Not Longer For Sale". I Think  The Brown/Black Was (Is) The Best Blend For School Or Work. In Other Case You Can Use The Felines Black BLACK.
Happy Monday! xoxo

Anti Pony Release Party @ Riche Stockholm

Photo And Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist ( Anti Pony Realese Party Riche Stockholm January 2015)
Anti Pony Is A Swedish Duo Composed Of Sanna Colling And Alexander  Pierre. They Formed "The Band" 2012 And  Play Psycodelic Pop.
On Wednesday Anti Pony And PNKSLM Records Had A Great Realese Party @ Lilla Baren Riche ,Stockholm.
I Had A Great Time. Talked A Little Bit With The Nice And Beutiful Singer Sanna Colling And "The DJ Man" Gustav. Gustav Told Me That His Adidas Hoodie Was Second Hand.
It Was A Lovely Hoodie!
 Have You Listen To The Awesome " I Go Places" From Anti Pony? I Love The Song!
Written By Sanna Colling And Alexander Pierre.
"Some Text" From I Go Places:
" I Go Places No One Finds, I Go Places In my Mind, Im High Up High, Then Low Too Low, I Go Places  You Dont Know, I Need No Caution Dont Stop My Rain, I Need No Friends To Guide My Way"
Collage And Photo by Johanna Törnqvist. Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist.
Anti Pony Realese Party Riche Stockholm 14/1 2015.
Thank You Anti Pony, PNK SLM Recordings And Riche For A Great Realese Party!
A Night To Remeber. I Go Places...

Stay Warm In The Snow! Johanna And Hats!

Nr1. Johanna In "Fake-Fur" Hat From Åhlens,, Grå fuskpäls-mössa (ca 300 sek)
Nr 2 Johanna In Peak Performance ( Short Jacket With A "Fluff-Hoodie", Second Hand)
Nr 3 Antik Gruvhatt från Kalkbrott ( 1800-talet) Ej Till Salu!  ( All Photo and Copyright Johanna Törnqvist)
Old "Antique-Bunker-Hat" from Old Swedish "Kalkbrott" Not For Sale!

Happy Day! xoxo

Je Suis Paris


Je Suis Paris xoxo
Collage And Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist

A Little Pink Plysch Panter In Juicy Couture Maybe Can Make U Smile?

Photoselfie By Johanna Törnqvist
Juicy Couture Make All People Look Coosey! Right?
I Belive In Beauty And Kindness In People.
Happy Saturday And Stay Warm  In The Winterland ! IT IS SNOWING OUTSIDE!

Some Pics From @ Photoshot w/ Moi

Model Johanna Törnqvist

Model  Johanna Törnqvist ( Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist)
 Do You LIke The  "Black Or White" Or "The "Colour One" Best? Do You Like My Photos?
Happy Day xoxo

Fun @ Tolv Stockholm

Collage And Photo By Johanna Törnqvist ( TOLV!)
Vi besökte det relativt nya "nöjes-palatset" TOLV som ligger vid Tele 2 Arena  ( Globen)under jullovet.
Elliott ville ha "bowlingmiddag" där och vi fick bana och bord med kort varsel och väldigt bra service.
Har ni inget för er när det blåser kallt ute så ta en kik på vad man kan hitta på @ TOLV.
Nästa gång vinner såklart MOI  Bowlingen, i de läckra skorna! Oki? :)

Merry X-mas And Happy New 2015

Collage And Photorights @ Johanna Törnqvist
 Merry X-mas And A Happy New 2015 ! xoxo

New Remix-Fuckin Fine Kodie Feat Troy Jamz

Working on his new sound, Kodie teamed up with his friend and fellow artist Troy Jamz to make the track “Fuckin Fine”, a certified club banger where Melbourne Bounce meets 90’s Eurodance in a perfect balance. 
"I grew up listening to a lot of 90’s Eurodance, and using those influences in my music is something I’ve wanted to do a long time", Kodie says. 
His mellow yet energetic rap and Troy Jamz's contagious vocals makes a dynamic combo, a melodic flow that will stay on your mind to hum right after the first listen.
Have A Nice Wednesday And Enjoy Music!  Love xoxo

This Looks Nice...

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Today It Is Casual Friday! For Sure!  From Us All To You All...A Good Day!
Love xoxo

Stilla Natt Holy Nite

I Love Holidays. Calm. Love.Faith Only Good Sprits. Lets Hope This X-mas Will Be Like All The Good Before.
Copy and Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Take Care! U Only Have One Mind Body And Soul In Good Ways You Can Be Happy W/ That!

The Opening of Starbucks Coffee Stureplan Stockholm

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
 Tuesday 9 December Was A Big DAY In Stockholm. YEY!
The First STARBUCKS COFFE  ( In The City of Sthlm)Had PREMIER OPENING (at 12) Stureplan Stockholm.
Lovely Singing Red Carpet Good Latte And A Nice New Place To Visit For All Latte-Lovers!
The  Stureplan Starbucks Coffee Has 2 Floor.The Art On The Walls Are Awesome.
You Can Relax With Drinks Or Sandwishes In Small Areas Or A More Open Area.
Take A Look And A Drink And You Will Understand What I Mean.
Visit And Enjoy!
Thanks To The Lovely Stuff @ StarbucksCoffee Stureplan Sthlm For Inviting Me!

Witch Magazine Do U Wish From Santa X-mas 2014?

Photo in Paris by Johanna Törnqvist ( Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist)
I These Days Maybe Too Many Choices  Can Be A Hugh Probleme For Some People.
In X.mas Shopping For An Example When You Wanna Have All Toys On Harrods or All Brands @ La Fayette....What Do You Do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!
Do You Sit Down For One Or Two Minutes With A Soda And Think ... Or Do You Go For Everthing You See?
Money Can Be A Problem In X-mas Time ,We All KNOW That ! It is A "klassisker" As We Say In Sweden.
Another Classic Thing In X-Mas.-Time ,,, "Can YOU Really WALK In "Moonboots"?!
Some People Can , Some  People Can Not!  My Tipz! Just Relax! We R All Different!
It Is A "Normal Part" Of Common Peoples Life That Big Boots Can Be A " Little Miss Trubble"  When You Run In Snow....
So If I Had One Wish For Santa This Year. If I Had To Pick ONE MAGAZINE ( Only One) From My Photo...I Had Pick The Magazine Nr 5,6,9,10...Relax..IT IS THE SAME MAG!
Anyone Else Been Reading Philopsophie Lately?
Maybe Sometime For Lazy Days On The Afterski In Maribel Or Charmonix This Winter?
My Best Tips For You-Mix The Philosophie Magazine W/ Some Short Classic Ugg In Black And A Fluffy Grey/Brown Russian Hat And A Great Smile.
You Will Be Both Intelligent And Warm In The Snow!  I Hope!Voila!
Happy Nite!

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