Hannah On RealeaseParty w/ Lucern Raze "Stockholm One" @ Riche

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist ( In This Collage, The Band Lucern Raze)
Den 25 Februari var jag @ ReleaseParty för bandet LUCERN RAZE Debut LP " Stockholm  One" @ Riche Lilla Baren, Stockholm.
Intressant mix av personligheter i bandet,rispigt annorlunda och soft sound när killarna i Lucern Raze drog igång.
Hela baren bakom stod i andakt och det var spännande att lyssna på så nära håll! Soft och proffsigtt!
Lilla Baren ( andra ingången på Riche) är ett ypperligt tillfälle att komma musik nära om du tycker om musik vill säga! Du får inte vara super-gammal eller ha dålig hörsel för det ekar högt och/men ... Me LOVE That!
The " Lucern Raze- Guys "Hair Is Amazing In A A- Way! I Love Lucern Raze Hair! I Really Do! You?
Thank U PNKSLM Recordings  & Burger Records ( And Lucern Raze) For Inviting Me!
Good Luck w/ "Stockholm One"
Photo And Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist

My Love Is My Troy,,My Puppy Who Is Very Picky!

Here Little Troy Has Taking His Sunday Bath! We Try To Give Him New Food... PETIT Salomon 4 Puppys...BUT....He Just Wanna Trigga 4 Candy!
He Like Salomon From Coop Best. In Pink Bag. He Is A Tricker Our Troy! Why Can He Not Taste PETIT? TROY..TRY NOW!?
But...SÅÅKLART...  WE Love Troy! We Do! We Do!:) But He Takes A Lot Of Time! And Time We All Have ?!
Troy And His New Food We Gonna Try ..Petite Salomon...Photo Johanna Törnqvist

Cool Stuff For Brave Boys- Elliott In Ralph Lauren And Ferrari

Photo Styling And Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist- Model Elliott Törnqvist

Casual Monday!The Most Small And Bigger  Boys Look Great In Ralph Lauren, I Belive.
Good Material And A Strong Brand. A Nice S/S Summer 2015 Sortiment  Is Out Now In Stores.
You Can Find Ralph Lauren Kids And Ralph Lauren For All in bla. MOOD Gallerian Sthlm and on NK.
Elliott Above Is Wearing A Baseball Cape From Ralph Lauren ( Marin and White) And A Red Hoodie from Ferarri. NICE That Spring Soon Is On Its Way!  Right? :)
Have A Nice Evening! Love By Hannah xoxo

Lanseringsfest ODALISQUE M.1

ODALISQUE M. 1 Lanseringsfest Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
In December I Attended  "Drink And Mingel" @ Östermalm Sthlm- "The Lanserings Party" Of  A  Brand New Magazine Named ODALISQUE M.1
It Was Fun!  Very Nice Photos....Nice Stuff.
Good Luck w/ Your New Magazine! Thank You For Inviting Me!

Love Lexington Home! Love Lexington Pillows!

Lexington Pillow In White Is Nice To Have On Your Bed . By Johanna Törnqvist
Was Seeking Picture @ My Wonderful Lexington  Pillow In Blue.
 But  Moi Was Not Happy w/ The Pic I Finally Found. On The Blue Lexington Pillow.....
 Whatta Do Next?
 I Wanna Show You My Other White Lexington  Pillow. Nice Too!?
 I Collect Lexington Pillows! I LOVE Lexington Pillows!
 To Be Countine...
More Clothes and Home- Style Inspiration from Lexington Here!
Happy Tuesday! xoxo

Throwback Sunday - SneakPeak G-Star Raw

Photo and collage @ Johanna Törnqvist
Tänk vad tiden går. Det här var en riktigt spännande Pressvisning @ G-Star Raw S/S 2010.
Lägger in den på ny " Throwback Sunday" här! Vad kul! Vi kan gå tillbaka varje söndag! :)
Happy Nite! xoxo

Elliott Like Alex...Me Like Alex...Me LIke..Photo..E Like Me Not...

Photo by Johanna Törnqvist
My Elliott Find Me Soo...LoL...When I" Photo-Chaching"Alex In Rackartygarna...But  Think It Was Oki w/ Alex!?
Elliott Was First w/ His Mobile And MOI After...It Was A Nite!... But Nice Pic Of ...Us...Then? :)
Happy Friday People! xoxo

A Look U Can Try-Make Up Your Day!

Photo Model MakeUp- Look @ Johanna Törnqvist
This Is A Look You Easy Can Try On Weekdays.
If You Have Shiny Skin You Can "Piff" Isadora Transparent Powder Over Before You Go.
. In Some Store The Black/Brown Feline Black From Helena Rubinstein Is "Not Longer For Sale". I Think  The Brown/Black Was (Is) The Best Blend For School Or Work. In Other Case You Can Use The Felines Black BLACK.
Happy Monday! xoxo

Anti Pony Release Party @ Riche Stockholm

Photo And Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist ( Anti Pony Realese Party Riche Stockholm January 2015)
Anti Pony Is A Swedish Duo Composed Of Sanna Colling And Alexander  Pierre. They Formed "The Band" 2012 And  Play Psycodelic Pop.
On Wednesday Anti Pony And PNKSLM Records Had A Great Realese Party @ Lilla Baren Riche ,Stockholm.
I Had A Great Time. Talked A Little Bit With The Nice And Beutiful Singer Sanna Colling And "The DJ Man" Gustav. Gustav Told Me That His Adidas Hoodie Was Second Hand.
It Was A Lovely Hoodie!
 Have You Listen To The Awesome " I Go Places" From Anti Pony? I Love The Song!
Written By Sanna Colling And Alexander Pierre.
"Some Text" From I Go Places:
" I Go Places No One Finds, I Go Places In my Mind, Im High Up High, Then Low Too Low, I Go Places  You Dont Know, I Need No Caution Dont Stop My Rain, I Need No Friends To Guide My Way"
Collage And Photo by Johanna Törnqvist. Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist.
Anti Pony Realese Party Riche Stockholm 14/1 2015.
Thank You Anti Pony, PNK SLM Recordings And Riche For A Great Realese Party!
A Night To Remeber. I Go Places...

Stay Warm In The Snow! Johanna And Hats!

Nr1. Johanna In "Fake-Fur" Hat From Åhlens,, Grå fuskpäls-mössa (ca 300 sek)
Nr 2 Johanna In Peak Performance ( Short Jacket With A "Fluff-Hoodie", Second Hand)
Nr 3 Antik Gruvhatt från Kalkbrott ( 1800-talet) Ej Till Salu!  ( All Photo and Copyright Johanna Törnqvist)
Old "Antique-Bunker-Hat" from Old Swedish "Kalkbrott" Not For Sale!

Happy Day! xoxo

Je Suis Paris


Je Suis Paris xoxo
Collage And Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist

A Little Pink Plysch Panter In Juicy Couture Maybe Can Make U Smile?

Photoselfie By Johanna Törnqvist
Juicy Couture Make All People Look Coosey! Right?
I Belive In Beauty And Kindness In People.
Happy Saturday And Stay Warm  In The Winterland ! IT IS SNOWING OUTSIDE!

Some Pics From @ Photoshot w/ Moi

Model Johanna Törnqvist

Model  Johanna Törnqvist ( Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist)
 Do You LIke The  "Black Or White" Or "The "Colour One" Best? Do You Like My Photos?
Happy Day xoxo

Fun @ Tolv Stockholm

Collage And Photo By Johanna Törnqvist ( TOLV!)
Vi besökte det relativt nya "nöjes-palatset" TOLV som ligger vid Tele 2 Arena  ( Globen)under jullovet.
Elliott ville ha "bowlingmiddag" där och vi fick bana och bord med kort varsel och väldigt bra service.
Har ni inget för er när det blåser kallt ute så ta en kik på vad man kan hitta på @ TOLV.
Nästa gång vinner såklart MOI  Bowlingen, i de läckra skorna! Oki? :)

Merry X-mas And Happy New 2015

Collage And Photorights @ Johanna Törnqvist
 Merry X-mas And A Happy New 2015 ! xoxo

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