My New Stuff...@ HannahSthlm PRIMER by NYX

Model and Photo @  and byJohanna Törnqvist
Underbar PONCHO från med härlig hög krage! Love it!
Wimolly Knit Poncho ( 199 sek)
Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Poncho från 199 sek
Photo Model And Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Den här PRIMERN är perfekt som bas. Har använt den igår och idag under makeup och man får sammeslen hy!
Märket hetter NYX och produkten heter NYX  Studio Perfect Photo -Loving Primer.
Ska kolla upp priset och lägga upp det här när jag vet. Kul med en NY primer som jag aldrig prövat!
Love xoxo

In The Studio...


Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Elliott In The " Make Me Up Chair" Before Shooting Pics. What A Calm Boy!?
She, The Make Up-Girl, Had Never Worked So Fast With The "Make- Up".. 3 Minues And Elliott Was Ready Steady Goo.....Voila!
I Can NOT Show Pics Here..This Is What U Get!
Happy Day!

Wanted! Vimolly Knit Poncho

Vimolly Knit Poncho 199 sek
Funderar på vad som kan vara behagligt att slänga på sig när sommarsolen går ner i horisonten?
En Poncho liknande den ovan skulle jag gärna vilja ha...ska fundera på om det kan vara ett praktiskt plagg för en stressad valpägare sommaren 2015?
Du kan ha kjol ,leggings eller jeans till. Sneakers eller wedges. Variationen kan bli en hit!
 En SVART poncho är alltid klassisk! Bra pris tycker jag.  (199 sek @
To be continued......(.Funderar på att slå till på en!)

Selfie From Past W/ Ödlan Örjan...

Collage and Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist
When We Lived In Thailand We Had Small Animals On Our Balcony Every Day And Nite.
We Tried To Get Ödlan ..Örjan?.. In The"Selfie- Pic" But He Climbed Away..Damn!
Maybe He Was Shy For The Camera Blixtz?! But A REALLY Cute" Ödla"...
Ödla Is A Swedish Word..But Maybe You Can See Witch Kind Of  Animal I Mean From The Pic?!
Ps. Ödlan Örjan Is In The Middle Ds.

Soccer Saftey From Adidas...Fotbolls SKYDD by Adidas 4 Kids!

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Jag och Elliott har hittat världens gulligaste ? Fotbolls-skydd från Adidas.
Han har inte hunnit använda dem så mycket men jag hoppas de håller sommaren 2015 ut.
Visst är blått och rosa en underbar combo på fobollsplanen?
Det ligger en ADIADS STORE på Kungsgatan STHLM och en i Hammarby Sjöstad som kan ha en del kul från Adiadas. Check it out!
Me and Elliott have found the cutest Soccer Saftey from Adidas.
He will try to use them all summer 2015. Blue and pink is a wonderful combo, sure?
You can find one big Adidas Store on Kungsgatan Sthlm and One Adidas Outlet i Hammarby Sjöstad.
Look it up!

This Secret Promotion For My Self

Now I Get A Little Big Upset. If I Post A Photo Of Me Here..I Get It Back...We Dont Support Commercials...Nää...I Have To Look This Up! xoxo

Ralp Lauren I Adore...and Lacoste

Here is pic @ Johanna Törnqvist
Phot and copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
For summerparty or graduation you can dress ur  quite small boys in Lacoste or Ralph Lauren pikeshirt.
It is easy to wear i the "june-sun" and looks nice for an examen, i belive.
In Stockholm you can visit STUREGALLERIAN, Kiddies or NK.
Happy Friday!

Elliott @ Cafe Opera w/ me @ La Redoute Pressfrukost..A Nice Kid!

Photo and copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Here is a Little  Elliott following me at La Redoute Pressfrukost @ Cafe Opera in STHLM:
Do you work w/ kids or dogs?:)
Do you like LA REDOUTE? They have some brands i like!
Call for a cataloge or google them up..
ps.This Travel Guy In Tofz...I Still adore my hairwork! :)
Ove he HAIR!:)

Litttle Elliott On Miniteatern...

Photo and copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Här är Elliott nr han hade sitt andra framträdande med MINITEATERN på Carlssons skola på Östermalm.
(Miniteaern  brukar alltid ha sina pjäser där!)
Han fick vara tågvärd och det var en upplevelse för oss alla!
Here is my Elliott when he ( them..) had his second performance with MINIERTERN at Östermalm in Stockholm.
He was the TRAINCAPTAIN and did it very well. He sing the " Här tuffar det lillat tåget"  so HIGH!
Have U Hear it?:)

Me And Elliott...

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist

Me And Troy...


I Still Love Wella Studios @ Östermalm Stockholm

The Hair And Some Lashes is On The Way..T.he Rest Is Under..Voila!
Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
This Was A Little While Ago Me And Jean Pierre Barda And Some News Paper Ended Up @ Wellas Studio @ Östermalm Stockholm.
Jean Pierre Barda Is A Very Nice Make Up-Man And Fun To Work With! Keep That In Mind!
Happy Times!

Happy Easter

Collage and Photoright by Johanna Törnqvist

Happy Easter To All Nice In The World!
Hope U Get A Good Egg This Year!

Where Is My Matthew Williamson Dress?

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Are You Also A Special Type Of  Person That After One Or ...Maybe More...Two...Years Can Be Angry On Your Self For Not Fight For A Designer Dress?
I Wonder Every Day Why I Always Love Limited Edition Clothing! It is Not Fun! It Is Difficult!
Maybe It Is Something With My Brain From My Birth!
I Miss "My" Matthew Williamson Dress I Turned Down Years Ago.
You Can See A Pic Over Here Of Me And "The Pink Dress".
Do You Regret Something You Never " Wanted" Who Was Kind Of "You"?!
A Dress Or Shirt You Want NOW!?
Hope I am Not Alone In The Clothing Jungle We All (Maybe) Lose Our Way Sometimes?
Happy Nite! 
Love Hannah xoxo
Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist


Nice With Spring Soon!
I Adore Sunglasses.. ADORE!!!
Have One LOvely Model From MARC JACOBS And One " Very Big Model" From DIOR. Need New Glass On Them Badly! Sad.
You Can Hide Half Ur Face With Them! Perfect For Johanna In The Sun!
Also Need A New Par For Summer 2015 ( tradition every year)To Switch With When The Storm And Sun Sets In!
Im Very Picky With Just Sunglasses. They Must Protect You From Dangerous UVA/UVB etc.And Fit Your Face.
Do You Have And Fav Or Tips? Tell Me!
Rayban Is Cool On Some Boys And Men....A Little TOPGUN -Feeling!
Elliott Wanna Have A Par Of  "MANLY SUNGLASSES" For Summer 2015.
But I Love His Pink And Blue...Sooo Cool.
Happy Wednesday All!
Take Care Out There!

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