Love Lexington Home! Love Lexington Pillows!

Lexington Pillow In White Is Nice To Have On Your Bed . By Johanna Törnqvist
Was Seeking Picture @ My Wonderful Lexington  Pillow In Blue.
 But  Moi Was Not Happy w/ The Pic I Finally Found. On The Blue Lexington Pillow.....
 Whatta Do Next?
 I Wanna Show You My Other White Lexington  Pillow. Nice Too!?
 I Collect Lexington Pillows! I LOVE Lexington Pillows!
 To Be Countine...
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Happy Tuesday! xoxo
Home-Style Kuddar Lexington NK hannah mode
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Throwback Sunday - SneakPeak G-Star Raw

Photo and collage @ Johanna Törnqvist
Tänk vad tiden går. Det här var en riktigt spännande Pressvisning @ G-Star Raw S/S 2010.
Lägger in den på ny " Throwback Sunday" här! Vad kul! Vi kan gå tillbaka varje söndag! :)
Happy Nite! xoxo
G-Star Raw Pressvisning Stockholm Sweden hannah,johanna, mode,,parfym
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Elliott Like Alex...Me Like Alex...Me LIke..Photo..E Like Me Not...

Photo by Johanna Törnqvist
My Elliott Find Me Soo...LoL...When I" Photo-Chaching"Alex In Rackartygarna...But  Think It Was Oki w/ Alex!?
Elliott Was First w/ His Mobile And MOI After...It Was A Nite!... But Nice Pic Of ...Us...Then? :)
Happy Friday People! xoxo
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