See U CIFF Kids in Jan 19. - Thanx

Love Copenhagen Fashion-trends.. And CIFF aND CIFF KIDS. Miss the town right now! See you CIFF Kids in January 2019. Liwe Lowe J xoxo
Ciff Kids
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CIFF jan-feb-18- Inspo from Copenhagen

Köpenhamns INTERNATONELLA Fashionmässa slog upp dörrarna 31 Jan-2 Feb 2018 i Köpenhamn. Vill du följa nyheter från . Adda dem på instagram eller Facebook. Jag var inbjuden för 4 året i rad. Berättar på engelska vad som händer på CIFF Fashion Fair.        ”CIFF is the place where people can meet, talk and listen to each other. Fashion has always been a took to COMUNITY, a status , a feeling, a political statement. What happens now is that DESIGNERS use it also to tell something very personal about themselves and their families.And some designers was showing at CIFF this year.. ”To be contined! Xoxo
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CIFF - Day 3 Recap..

Day 3 FULL RECAP will come up... Give me just Tomorrow. Influenser and brands from CIFF @ Copenhagen. Stay Tuned! Xoxo ”Ju more ju Call ju more jur internet get worse in Sthlm”
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