Happy NEW Year To U All From Moi! xoxo

In The Collage Daisy by Marc Jacobs Set  With Roset, Hypnose Set From Lancome Disney Land Mirror ( secondhand) Champagne Rose mm.
Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Happy HAPPY NEW Year To U ALL from MOI!
Gott Nytt 2016 önskar jag er alla stora som små.
Love J xoxo
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Tripp Trapp Trull...2016 Soon!

Snart Nyår...
Photo from Arcive by Johanna Törnqvist
Soon New Year...Time Run Fast!
Where Do U Run On New Yers Eve?
Do U Like To Watch All The Rakets In Sthlm City?
Love J xoxo
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Happy Xmas And Nice Holidays 2015

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
GOD JUL och GOD FORTSÅTTNING som man brukar säga i Sverige i juletider önskar VI ER ALLA FRÅN OSS!
Merry Xmas 2015 TO U ALL FROM US ALL
Did you get any nice x-mas gifts? I got a nice parfymeset by  MARC JACOBS " Daisy".
Elliott opened a fab PS4 Starwars Edidtion.
Troy just get Hils  Hypter Allergic Dog Food. But he is happy anyhow.
Any plans for new years eve 2015? Några nyårsplaner eller nyårslöften på lut?
I ordered som Xmas presents like shoes ralph lauren socks  and a  beanie from Nelly but they get maybe lost on the  Swedish post-way. Gonna mail the monday.
Love J xoxo
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