Im on The Roof.. Nää.. Woff🍾🐩👯👄

Rihanna in Sthlm 4 of July Fireworks outside Our house.. Troy is Better and Sleeping now👍Im glad i have Troy. Thats all of todays party👻🤖🍿😀Happy Stay Rihanna and Glad Fjärde Juli⭐️🎤🐶Lowe J xoxo

My fanpage👑💅👗

IF i was🐶🎤👑

Troy and me took a sangriawalk in The Rain. Troy get water🐩I CAN do sangriawalk now and a Guy ask me IF i wanna work there doing Sangrias? Nää.. I have dog i Said..sorry🐩They have write and red💅

Happy Friday🎬

Friday again? 🎟Lowe J

Sunday Tomorrow.. im on My way to home w bl.a. Troy🐶

Copyright & Photo @ HannahSthlm 🎧

HannahSthlm Officalfanpage is now 510 persons🌎🌸⭐️ Big hugs to you People from all round The World for beeing a part of My life via My Official fanpage w a link /.  "The Link" FIRST🌎⭐️✨. I try to write both in english and swedish here and HOPE U r not afraid to comment under here IF U do not understand or have Any kind of  questions. Sometime i have problem to write back via email👑It is absoluty not personal, i answer all normal question here om My blogg or in public on My fanpage👠💋 This side

Time flies🎉👯👑🎩🎈💚🚁🚀

Photo and Copyright @hannahsthlm 👁®Johanna Törnqvist  📸📀💿📷.          W and E 💓You r great 💚Always!     Lowe J xoxo 🐶

Collage and Photoright@hannahsthlm 💚


Photo and Collage by Johanna Törnqvist ®Nu har min Like Page för HannahSthlm nått upp till 400 personer från hela vida världen på bara någon månad lr dylikt💗 Vill någon gå med? Det kan man göra här  Happy that My HannahSthlm LikePage is over 400 from The whole wild world  now ONLY a few weeks! Im happy that  you like my site, my pictures and ?📝💚💚💚Happy Wednesday! Glad Onsdag! Lowe J xoxo📸
All copyright @

Hurrey👠🎉🎀Saturday and My HannahSthlm Like Page is now 300 👯🌎💅

Photocollage (with a new and older photomix )Model Johanna Törnqvist ( all photorights @ HannahSthlm) Thanx U guyz from all over The World for follow ny life here and at My Official Facebook Like Page 🎤💃🏻🎀HannshSthlm🌠 New  it is over 300 persons from The whole World in a Few Weeks! Lowe U all! / J xoxo

My Before And Afterdance @ Denniz Pop Awards

Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist  I meet Frans at The vipdrink ...i dont think he was drinking🎤 I was on The List for preparat and afterparty at Cafe Opera. They was prob gonna have Dinner all at Operakällaren...Dinner? I thought IT was party w rockstyle? 23 a clock The afterparty starts. So IT was ONLY me Frans and some directionlady still in The patio so i went 5 meters framåt to shake hands with Frans and told him maybe i go home instead of wait for The afterparty... He was so nice👑He Shaked hand and DID just say ja😀😀I always talk to fast and Said i DID not wanted to synka in on Dinner and maybe we ses later on in life🐩Most go home yo to Troy. HOPE i slipper that.😬The viplady put me on The List for 23 a clock👠🏩💐🌎😀🎈Thanx Frans for beeing U and Good Luck😀😎🎧👯😀📀🎤xoxoI have donated and Wish all The artist and Denniz Pop Award Good Luck💃🏻💋🌎See U next year? The afterparty sound so long from 20.30😀

Long Way To ?😀🎼💃🏻
Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist

Hurry Day🎤👯📀🌎

Photoright and Collage by Johanna Törnqvist 🎤🎼🎧 See U later😀💐🌸Hurry Day🐩🎈💋xoxo

Sunday Funday🎟 HannahSthlm🌎

All Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist 
Idag har jag upplevt mig som effektiv. Inte idag men igår. Det blev en hel dag med Doggy Troy och sedan realeasepartyt på PURE med Kodie Troy Jamz and The Party Arme🎗Dansade minglade filmade lite och lyssna på Good Mudic🎧Imorgon Sveriges nationaldag som kommer spenderas i lugn med familjen🍧🎂🌽Lowe J xoxo

Kodie and Troy Jamz 📸 and The Party Arme👑🎤🎼🎷

Good Releasefest för I Look Soo Good w Kodie🎤 Lowed it😀👠🎼xoxo Thanx Guyz! 

Collage and Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist 

On place at PURE💿

Get in very easy on The List. Nice doormen. Got a free Ticket to spend💿See U 2morrow! Lowe J xoxo

Realesefest KODIE🎤

Late🎪But invited to KODIEs realeaseparty tonite. Tried to get W with me👯👯but he gonna pass Troy🐶 E is My no...but...Oki...biggest Lowe and we have so Fun on under 18 things. This with dresses fr.o.m. typ Juicy Couture or Chanel is nothing  for him...He went Out on skateboard reling me in door 👩‍❤️‍👩Mum👓You Look pregnent in The dresses. Save The taxi for money for me Tomorrow to spend?🙇🏼💃🏻So i took My punktank leggings and 20 cm High wedges and told him The fredagsmys already was bougt yesterday  👘👨‍👨‍👦💃🏻Happy Nite Lowe J xoxo
Likes My hairclips matching with My Burts Bees Liploss balm⌚️

New wedges by NELLY Shoes📀

All Copyright@hannahsthlm 📸
Gonna try MY best to walk on water...ehm..ways with wedges this👠Evening! Rocking Releaseparty med Kodie och The Party Armé Tonite👒🎧💽Happy Lördagkväll! Vad är dina planer? Any plans? Lowe J xoxo 

Godmorning Sunshine and Link to my Official Like Page

Finally Friday✍💃🏻💅

Photocollage and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist ( Hoppas ni alla får en mysig helg " a coosey weekend" med sol bad grillning eller vad som står på "agendan". Själv ska jag försöka krya på mig från min "minicold" och gå på en realesefest imorgon 🎤🎧👯Happy Friday! Lowe J xoxo

Nity Nighty World💑💋👘👒

Photo and Copyright @hannahsthlm  Memos fr.o.m. Lovely Asia🌎 Sleep Well! Lowe J xoxo 

Throwback Wednesday @ HannahSthlm💃🏻

Throwback Wednesday Photo of me , Johanna Törnqvist at TV 4 insamlingsgala tv-show at Kvarnholmen Sthlm. Happy Nite! 🎤💃🏻👯💋⭐️💃🏻xoxo Lowe J ( ) 

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