Noa Noa Miniature aw17/18

Photo and Copyright @ SneakPeak just for U MY lovely visitors on 💚NOA NOA Miniature A/W 17/18 Collection. Spotted at Forum Copenhagen @ CIFF KIDS  during Copenhagen Fashion Week feb 2017. What do you think about The  Collection? My summary=NOA NOA Miniature looks awesome💑 Totaly adorable collection.
Photo by Johanna Törnqvist for  🎟Lovely autumn and winterclothing for both boys and girls for AW 17/18. LOOK-The small Pink things - cute is just Four letters- Take a second look! Adore. Adore.
NOA NOA Miniature. A brand to remember ! Happy Sunday Night World👄🏩🐶Liwe Lowe J xoxo
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Levis Kids AW 17/18

Photo and Copyright @ Trendspottning at CIFF KIDS last Week during Copenhagen Fashionweek. This is Levis Kids Collectiom  for AW17/18. Adorable. And IF you for some reason have missed MY OTHER post from CIFF KIDS you can now See " The jacket" again. Here.Awesome or WHAT? 🎈Visst är Levis Kids AW17/18 kollektion helt UNDERBAR? Tar jackan med text igen. En favorit! Lowe J xoxo
 Photo by Johanna Törnqvist for from Copenhagen Fashionweek Feb 17.
#CPHFW #HannahSthlm Ciff Ciff Kids Fashionblogger Fashionweek Fashionweek Copenhagen2017 Hannah Hannah HannahSthlm Johanna Johanna Törnqvist LevisKids fashion
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Kouture - Oslo

This lovely thing - Made by KOUTURE Oslo. A brand from Norway. Spotted at Copenhagen Fashion Week at Revolver Trendshow. Me Adore The fluffy one and The simple limed KOUTUTE have. #aw17. A " gap" to autumn/ winter 2017 but i already start to miss IT.. What a Fun trendwinter 2017/18 gonna be! But first spring and a lovely summer i Hope. You? 💚👯🎈😎Lowe Liwe J xoxo
#CPHFW #Fashionweek #HannahSthlm #Revolver HannahSthlm Johanna Törnqvist HannahSthlm Johanna Törnqvist Mode Johanna Törnqvist Kouture
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