Where Is My Matthew Williamson Dress?

Photo and Copyright @ Johanna Törnqvist
Are You Also A Special Type Of  Person That After One Or ...Maybe More...Two...Years Can Be Angry On Your Self For Not Fight For A Designer Dress?
I Wonder Every Day Why I Always Love Limited Edition Clothing! It is Not Fun! It Is Difficult!
Maybe It Is Something With My Brain From My Birth!
I Miss "My" Matthew Williamson Dress I Turned Down Years Ago.
You Can See A Pic Over Here Of Me And "The Pink Dress".
Do You Regret Something You Never " Wanted" Who Was Kind Of "You"?!
A Dress Or Shirt You Want NOW!?
Hope I am Not Alone In The Clothing Jungle We All (Maybe) Lose Our Way Sometimes?
Happy Nite! 
Love Hannah xoxo
Photoright @ Johanna Törnqvist
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Jenny Sjöberg

Hej! Idag fick jag mitt fina Give Hope-armband. Väldigt vackert och grattiskortet var så sött!
Önskar dig en trevlig helg/påsk!

Svar: Jenny: Vad roligt! Glad Påsk Till dig och fina familen! xoxo
[email protected]

HannahSthlm/Johanna Törnqvist

Jenny Sjöberg: Svarar här också...Glad Påsk och vad bra att armbandet kom fram till påsk! Hälsa familjen och ha en fin helg nu! xoxo